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Their carrier could not confirm the number on their porting order. Walt called Keatings Communications and in a brief period of three days we had Walts wrecker service working as normal on a voip phone system. Nine months on cell phones is not a solution for a busy business.

Walts Wrecker Service had a previous IT provider that allowed their carrier to in basic terms abandon  them for nine months on a simple telephone number port and system upgrade. In doing this Walt lost their telephone system vendor due to a number of circumstances caused by the process of porting a FEX number. During a nine month period a wrecker service was placed on cell phones causing serious loss of business and a operational hazard that frustrated dispatchers to say the very least. Once Keatings Communications was notified we took action and made every effort to keep the original telephone number Walts has had since its start and installed our hosted telephone system with our service in three days time. Walts was back up and running in three days and a major carrier partnered with a telephone system vendor failed to perform. Keatings Communications bring a level of experience unmatched by most others. 

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