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Yealink, Grandstream, and Polycom phones were integrated into the solution provided by Keatings Communications for Walts Wrecker Service.

Their previous carrier faltered, unable to verify the number on their porting request. Walt, recognizing the urgency, reached out to Keatings Communications. Within a mere span of three days, Walt's Wrecker Service was revitalized, transitioning seamlessly to a VOIP phone system. Operating a bustling business for nine months relying solely on cell phones was hardly feasible.

Previously, Walt's Wrecker Service had been left in the lurch by their IT provider. This neglect led to the company being stranded for almost nine months during what should've been a straightforward telephone number port and system upgrade. This setback resulted in Walt losing their primary phone system vendor due to complications arising from the porting of a FEX number. For those lengthy nine months, the wrecker service was relegated to using cell phones, leading to significant business losses and operational challenges, exasperating their dispatchers to an extreme extent.

However, the tide turned once Keatings Communications stepped in. Committed to preserving Walt's original phone number – a testament to their legacy – Keatings swiftly implemented their hosted telephone system along with their unparalleled service, all within three days. Where a major carrier and a phone system vendor faltered, Keatings Communications excelled, showcasing an expertise that's unparalleled in the industry. Integrating Yealink, Grandstream, and Polycom phones, they ensured Walt's operations returned to normalcy, underlining their superior proficiency and dedication.

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