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When your business needs a trustworthy **business phone** solution, Keatings Communications stands by your side. With expertise in phone systems including **Avaya**, **Yealink**, **Polycom**, and **Grandstream** systems, we are the go-to destination for reliable business VoIP solutions since 2005.

Our legacy as a premier provider of **business phone** systems is evident in our offerings, tailored to match your communication demands. We've successfully powered both budding enterprises and educational institutions with unparalleled services.

Dive into our VoIP packages that efficiently manage external paging via speakers, intercom systems, and school bell setups, all powered by state-of-the-art VoIP technology. No matter if you're looking for business telephone services or intricate systems for educational domains, our expert team is equipped to handle all your IT requirements. With service outreach spanning Northeast Florida, Orlando, Tampa, and beyond, we guarantee top-notch nationwide services.

The strength of Keatings Communications lies in its enduring solutions. With features like NEXUS for internet, auto-attendant capabilities, customizable music-on-hold, and fail-safe forward mechanisms, we ensure uninterrupted **business phone** connectivity. And when it comes to support, our 24/7 service is just a call away.

Our IT expertise covers a spectrum: paging, WAN and LAN configurations, PC & phone assistance, firewall management, and more. Our affiliation with over 50,000 field service technicians nationwide and certified partners like **Yealink**, **Polycom**, and **Grandstream** ensures the best in service delivery.

Step into the future with our top-tier virtual phone systems. Tailored for institutions, governmental bodies, and businesses, our unified communication strategies are backed by robust infrastructure, ensuring high uptime. Whether you need VOIP, hosted PBX, or traditional analog, our solutions guarantee optimal flexibility.

Emphasizing community, Keatings Communications thrives on personal touch. With a portfolio rich in **business phone** systems, including **Yealink**, **Polycom**, and **Grandstream** devices, we promise an enhanced communication experience. Let us manage your IT transition, so you can focus on business growth.

Select Keatings Communications for all-inclusive VoIP and IT service needs. Our CIENA Certified Specialists in Jacksonville are prepped to provide unmatched assistance. Experience the pinnacle of **business phone** communication systems with us today.


- Managed IT Services
- Business Phone Systems
- Internet T1 (1.5 MB)real-time
- Bonded Internet (3MB to 12MB)real-time
- Fixed Wireless Broadbandreal-time
- Satellite High-Speed Internetreal-time
- Ethernet (Copper)real-time
- Ethernet (Fiber)real-time
- Dark Fibermanual quote


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