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Keatings Communications Celebrates Success Providing NE Florida and SE Georgia With NEXUS 4G Backup Business Phone Systems Even in Disasters

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The need for reliable phone service even in serious emergency situations is a very real one for many businesses. Florida and Georgia IT and VOIP phone service providing experts Keatings Communications specialize in providing this kind of tried and true security.

For many businesses keeping communications operational even in disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and earthquakes is a must.  In NE Florida and SE Georgia, Keatings Communications are happy to announce their proven track record of keeping office phones running, of some of the largest and most respected businesses in the area, with their VOIP phone service solutions that have won praise from clients consistently.  Using proven reliable NEXUS 4G Back Business Phone Systems, the company can maintain phone service even when electricity fails.


“We guarantee our services 100% with our money back no questions asked policy,” commented a Brandon Keating from Keatings Communications.  “Advance your business telephone systems and keep your business operational during the toughest of times.”

The company has over a decade of experience fine tuning their services to cater to an increasingly diverse customer base.  Great care is put into understanding each client's needs and being sure they can be met in a reliable and cost-effective way.  Recent events in the extended region they serve show the importance of a backup business phone service and how valuable VOIP phone service can be in particular.  Keatings Communications skilled and knowledgeable representatives are always pleased to have the opportunity to go over these advantages and the security they provide forward thinking businesses of all kinds, even going so far as to offer instant quotes to help in the decision making process.

In addition to office phone system service Keatings Communications offer School Bell System & Active Alert to schools, business and government offices, and other interested parties along with around the clock field services covering all aspects of the IT world as needed.

Keatings Communications are a fully accredited BBB Business.

Feedback for the IT and VOIP phone service from the company continues to be resoundingly positive across the board.

Karel Moerings, Owner of Nicolaas Alexander Jewelers, 3975 St Johns Ave., Jacksonville, Fl, recently said in a five star review, “Brandon Keating has been our provider for three years and it has been a great experience.  Always available and very trustworthy. Would always recommend Keating Communication.”

For more information be sure to visit or call (844) 409-1054.

Media Contact
Company Name: Keatings Communications 
Contact Person: Brandon Keating
Phone: +1 844 409 1054
Country: United States


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Keatings Communications Emerges as Top Provider of Advanced VoIP and IT Services

Published on 4/12/2017

Keatings Communications Emerges as Top Provider of Advanced VoIP 
and IT Services

(Jacksonville, Fl, February 24, 2017) – VoIP telephony is here to stay for any business that wants to cut down on communication costs and also work on a portable and flexible system. Keatings Communications, the trusted name for VoIP business telephone systems in NE Florida and SE Georgia, has stayed ahead of the competition with its managed services, filed offerings and an advanced IT infrastructure.

VoIP telephony has advanced with time, and Keatings Communications now offers HD enhanced security voice services. The system has gained popularity with doctors, certified public accountants and educational institutions for the obvious benefits that VoIP brings. An advanced data center and server infrastructure has allowed Keatings Communications to bring one of the best business telephone equipment to the market.
Any business or institution can set up a VoIP system at affordable rates, and scale it up for any number of users. The customer owns the telephones, while Keatings Communications manages the system. Users are also free to set up auto-attendants, add new users, view call records, record conversations, transfer calls to cellphones and more.
“Keatings Communications is celebrating 12+ years serving in the IT industry. Our new school bell/active warning system works in tandem with our phone service and is a great upgrade for hospitals, businesses and schools,” said Brandon Keating.
Set up in 2006, the award winning Keatings Communications has also scored over competition by functioning as an IT department of clients. Its certified specialists attend to networks, telephones and infrastructure, and provide IT consulting, ITSP and field maintenance services. The company has also expanded to include security cameras, servers, wi-fi, network management and security. 
For more Information, please visit: 
Media contact:
Brandon Keating
Keatings Communications
5742 Cedar Forest Dr. N Jacksonville, Fl 32210
Tel: 18444091054 / 9044659935

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Jacksonville, FL - Telecommunication provider Keatings Communications is pleased to announce that it is currently offering schools a lockdown alert system free with any purchase of a new phone system and a one-year agreement. Keatings Communications, in business since 2005, is a fully certified provider of business telephone services and IT support for all types of businesses as well as schools.

“It’s absolutely imperative for schools to implement a sound business telephone system these days,” says company founder Brandon Keating. “We understand that, with safety in mind, school authorities need secure and reliable communication tools that fit into their budgets. Keatings Communications can provide a centralized communication system that will enable improved safety plans for an affordable and transparent monthly price.”

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Keatings Communications Offers Schools Lockdown Alert System Free With Purchase of New Phone System


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