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Being one of the nations best business VOIP service providers our technological advances move with the speed each update is put out. Our Sip phones are state of the art and the voice over ip we provide is everything you could ask for in the leading business telephone systems. The Voip phone system we provide through our virtual phone system servers are feature rich and secured with the latest military grade security. The old key systems can hardly dream to rival their capabilities. Premise based systems also come with the headaches involved in maintaining a PBX phone system. Keatings Communications business telephone system solutions are the ultimate choice when you require efficiency, quality and security.



  • HD Voice

  • Enhanced Security

  • Audio recording

  • 24/7 Around the clock support





Our HD Enhanced security voice services are utilized by doctors, Certified Public Accountants and schools to name a few. See how we stack up and over the competition with our State of the Art advanced data centers and servers.

October 13, 2017

On our VOIP service you own the telephones we manage the system. You have the ability to implement auto attendant, add users, view calling records, record calls, transfer calls to cell phones and much more. Call us today to get your complimentary quote for equipment and service tailored to fit your operations.

GXP2170 -pictured

October 13, 2017

Our certified specialists manage your internet, network, telephones, and other IT equipment and service aspects of your operations. Our business model of ITSP, IT Consulting, and Field Services brings your company the entire package so in one call your issues are resolved. 

Includes one always on - Fail free - telephone line for emergency communications to reach the helpdesk.

Each site is custom order and priced to each individual need. 

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