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At St Johns Country Day School, Keatings Communications played a crucial role in upgrading their business phone systems and providing comprehensive MSP (Managed Service Provider) solutions. As the area manager, Brandon Keating recognized that our hosted solution would be an excellent choice for their telephone service. Our installation team undertook a comprehensive upgrade of the school's technology infrastructure, including wifi, network, paging, security cameras, and voip telephones. Throughout the project, Keatings Communications proved to be a reliable partner, offering prompt solutions and outstanding support.

Meeting the School's Bell System Needs: During the final stages of the project, just weeks before the school's opening day, the need for a school bell system was brought to our attention. Understanding the urgency of the request, our engineers acted swiftly to find a solution. We not only met their requirements but also integrated the audio tone from the school bell system through the phones and intercom system, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication setup.

Designing an IP-Based School Bell System: Our engineers quickly designed a school bell system that utilized IP technology, providing an active warning system in addition to its traditional function. This innovative solution allowed for effective communication across the school premises while ensuring the safety and organization of daily operations.

Upgrading the VoIP Business Telephone System: During the summer of 2016, St Johns Country Day School entrusted Keatings Communications with the upgrade of their voip business telephone system. The installation and upgrades encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of their IT infrastructure. Our team successfully installed and configured a variety of essential components, including voip paging speakers, PoE switches, and a state-of-the-art security camera system. The phones we provided enabled convenient viewing of the camera feeds, enhancing security measures throughout the school.

Comprehensive IT Services and Support: As an MSP, Keatings Communications ensured a holistic approach to St Johns Country Day School's IT needs. Our services extended beyond phone system upgrades, encompassing various tasks such as wifi installation, switch installation, TV mounting, firewall and router setup, IP speaker and microphone installation, elevator line installation, and comprehensive voip system installation and programming. Our hosted services provided a seamless and reliable infrastructure for the school's day-to-day operations.

Conclusion: St Johns Country Day School benefitted greatly from Keatings Communications' expertise in business phone systems and MSP services. Our comprehensive technology upgrade, including the installation of a school bell system, enhanced their communication capabilities and overall efficiency. The integration of security cameras with the voip telephones provided added convenience and improved safety measures. With our dedicated team of professionals and reliable hosted services, St Johns Country Day School can focus on their core mission of providing quality education while leaving their IT infrastructure in capable hands. Contact Keatings Communications today to discover how we can optimize your business phone systems and provide comprehensive MSP solutions.

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