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As the area manager Brandon Keating felt our hosted solution would be an excellent choice for telephone service for the school. During our installation we upgraded the entire school technology including the wifi, network, paging, security cameras, and voip telephones. After completion there was a major issue on our hands but there was a solution and Keatings Communications was there.

The biggest hurdle was just met and the project was being wrapped up. It was near the end of the project and brought to our attention just weeks before the opening day that they needed a school bell system installed. We not only met their request but we put the audio tone from the school bell system through the phones and intercom system.

Our engineers acted fast and designed a school bell system that worked over ip and is also a active warning system. 



The summer of 2016 consisted of upgrading St Johns Country day schools voip business telephone system and service to Keatings Communications. During the installation and upgrades that took place St Johns Country Day School found itself one week from starting with no school bell system. The entire IT infrastructure was upgraded including adding voip paging speaker, poe switches, and a new security camera system which can be viewed on the phones we provide. We designed a school bell system and had it operational over our telephone and the old as well as our new intercom speakers. Tasks included - Wifi installation, switch installation, tv mounting, firewall setup, router setup, ip speaker installation, microphone installation, elevator line installation and voip system installation and programming to Keatings Communications hosted services.

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