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Why Hosted PBX for government, businesses and schools?

V.o.i.P stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a sophisticated technology than can be used as an alternative for making cheap and even free calls both locally and worldwide by use of broadband internet connection rather than using regular or analog phone line. The service is obtained from a service provider just like any other internet service obtained from internet service provider. It is important for schools and businesses to adopt this kind of service since there is handful of benefits that come along with the use of these services. Such benefits are discussed as follows.

Installation, configuration and maintenance are much easier and simple with hosted and premise based SIP hence can be used even by people with limited technical know-how. Since IP phones are simple to install, it makes it easier for someone to set up an IP phone and get ready to go. It is also easy and less expensive to add new users by use of Hosted VoIP software making it easier to manipulate the system’s configuration.

Another advantage is that hosted and premise based systems support even older technology such as fax. Virtual faxing (likewise called IP faxing) is another element of  telephony frameworks. Indeed, even in the period of email and moment correspondence, there are a few occurrences when faxes are important. Without the requirement for paper or toner, you can send and get faxes utilizing the email account you already have with a facilitated Unified Communications system

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