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Affordable Fence Center, a leading fence provider in Jacksonville, recognized the need for a reliable IT solution and efficient communication system. With multiple telephone companies serving them, they turned to Keatings Communications, an experienced IT company specializing in VoIP phones and services. This partnership allowed Affordable Fence Center to operate seamlessly once again and improve their business operations with a new level of efficiency and functionality.

Ensuring Smooth VoIP Implementation:
During the setup of their hosted telephone service, Affordable Fence Center discovered that their router was not configured for VoIP. Understanding the importance of a properly optimized network, Keatings Communications swiftly resolved the issue. They worked with Affordable Fence Center to order a cable circuit, providing a faster and more reliable connection to keep up with their calling volume. This optimization ensured a smooth transition to VoIP technology.

Benefiting from Feature-Rich Telephone Systems:
Keatings Communications not only provided Affordable Fence Center with VoIP phones but also equipped them with a feature-rich telephone system. This upgrade brought a new level of efficiency to their business operations. With advanced features such as call forwarding, auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, and more, Affordable Fence Center could streamline their communication processes and enhance customer service.

Integration of Security Cameras and VoIP Services:
Recognizing the importance of comprehensive security, Keatings Communications also integrated Affordable Fence Center's security cameras with their VoIP services. This integration allowed for centralized monitoring and management of both communication and security systems. By combining these essential components, Affordable Fence Center achieved enhanced safety and improved operational efficiency.

Reliable IT Services and Support:
In addition to VoIP phones and system integration, Keatings Communications provided Affordable Fence Center with reliable IT services. With the absence of an internal IT department, Affordable Fence Center relied on Keatings Communications' expertise for ongoing IT support and maintenance. This partnership ensured that Affordable Fence Center could focus on their core business activities while having a dedicated team of professionals managing their IT infrastructure.

By partnering with Keatings Communications, Affordable Fence Center in Jacksonville, FL, significantly improved their business operations and communication efficiency. The implementation of VoIP phones, along with a feature-rich telephone system, allowed them to streamline their processes and enhance customer service. The integration of security cameras with VoIP services provided comprehensive monitoring and increased operational efficiency. With the reliable IT services and support provided by Keatings Communications, Affordable Fence Center can now operate smoothly without the need for an internal IT department. To experience the benefits of VoIP phones and professional IT services, contact Keatings Communications today.

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