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Preorder your Valcom 2924a is a remanufactured unit that was sent to Valcom for an upgrade. This unit is designed for use with business phones and phone systems to provide intercom capabilities. Provides 24 stations with one-way, two-way, group call and all call pages. Has Built-in handsfree amplifier, Call queue placements, Alert tone, Dial tone programmability's, ring-back tone, Programmable ring patterns, Caller identification, Emergency tone input, UNA contact closure inputs, Time tone inputs, Group call abilities, Ring in from speaker locations, RS-232 serial printer port. and programmable class of service. This device is a single talk-path unit. With intercom capabilities being vital for the business needs of today, this system will help you evolve to the level of services. Provides background music and automatic muting system when on next part of system operations. With the Valcom system your business is able to ensure the best working intercom abilities while ensuring quality service. Capable to accept adapters to add additional 48,72, or 96 zones of paging with handsfree reply, up to 16 one-way page groups, and all call. This system also provides the ability of a remote speaker location equipped with call button for the attendant location. Also has the ability to add plug -in option board to provide  enhanced caller ID, flexible architectural numbering and user defined page groups. Which is a windows based programming tool tp simply system programming. This system is compatible with PC computers. 


Installation ranges $500 - $8500.00 depending on network, location, lift required, environment and height of installation.

Valcom 2924a

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