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The FLIR M232 Pan and Tilt Marine Thermal Night Vision Camera provide superior night vision and situational awareness for your vessel. This marine grade boat mounted camera is designed to withstand the toughest environments and provides clear imagery day and night. This thermal imaging camera is ideal for navigation, spotting hazards, and viewing objects in the dark. With its pan and tilt feature, you can easily adjust the camera to get the best view of the surrounding waters. The M232 is the perfect night vision solution for your boat. It will even help find people in the water faster then using spotlights or radar alone. This system features full 320x240 camera resolution which is optimal horizon to horizon viewing and 4x continues E-zoom. With its lightweight design and IP video connectivity it makes it is a simple install and intergradation with multiple MFDs. Not only will it help you at night with any of navigational issues should they occur, you can even use this during the day and get the same results. While providing constant 360 degree panning viewing it can improve safety for all your boating needs. This camera has a 9.1 mm thermal focus lens with a live time video refresh rate of 9Hz. Able to detect a person in the water up to 1500 feet or a vessel up to 4.1 miles. System exclusive benefit will provide audible and visual alerts when a "non-water object is identified. 

Installation ranges $500 - $8500.00 depending on network, location, lift required, environment and height of installation.

FLIR M232 Pan and Tilt Marine Thermal Night Vision Camera

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