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Why not Copper Clad Aluminum

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Copper clad aluminum > Why Not?

The question is why? Is it cost savings?

To understand why you should never use the cheap cabling that is Copper clad aluminum you must understand how cabling works. How electricity works and most importantly how your equipment works. If you don't understand these key aspects and plan to install yourself you will most certainly deal with trouble in the near future.

Always trust a vetted professional and if you plan to do something of such a large scale refer to lots of resources and have a pro on standby. The money you saved by installing yourself will likely be paid in the future due to service issues, time spent on faulty equipment and money spent to replace solutions. Installing solid copper cabling to #BICSI specs is the only solution when dealing with network cabling. If someone gives you a box of aluminum copper clad cabling throw it away and save yourself the time.

Copper Clad Aluminum

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