Why IT matters

Business IT matters during day to day business and in the planning/execution of technology solutions. IT can bring efficiency to the table for businesses in many ways.

Business VoIP service provider Keatings Communications has dedicated their services to keeping business and schools in service all the time. Our internet backup solutions provide peace of mind to the customers and inevitably will save them money over time. The implementation of a state of the art telephone system advances any business if they are currently on legacy lines without the feature of voicemail to email. Our feature rich platforms will enrich businesses for decades to come with our school bell, paging and sales metrics features. Emergency response is the most important aspect of a managed services provider and the best ones will set the solutions up so they can remotely manage them. Even the most sophisticated solutions will eventually require servicing onsite but we have that covered. That is where our nationwide dispatch partners work for us, they will dispatch at a moments notice around the clock in many cases.

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