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Updated: Jul 24, 2023


Technology has increasingly grown in this age to the extent that you can get your phone services delivered to you through your internet connection instead of the regular local phone company. This technology is known as the voice-over internet protocol which is abbreviated to the VOIP. It can also be called internet telephony. The VOIP detects the audio signals and converts them into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet enabling you to make calls, send messages, and other services on the internet. It can allow you to make use of your high-speed internet connection to make phone calls and it is supported by many applications, devices, and systems. Hopefully, one day the VOIP will completely put the traditional phone system out of place with its ever-changing innovative technology.

VoIP is a fairly recent technology that began its transmission in the year 1973. This technology was birthed from the experimental program of the network voice protocol that was invented for the ARPANET and up to date, it is evolving drastically all across the globe as it becomes an integral part of many people and business owners' modern lives. Alan Cohen was the first person to invent this technology and is being given credit for changing the telecommunications industry. The voice-over protocol is having a dramatic impact on the way we communicate today all thanks to the Israeli-born businessman and entrepreneur, Alan Cohen. In the year 1998 after the invention of the internet telephony, 1% of voice calls were accounted on the invention.

However, the manufacturing of more advanced telephones and telecommunications systems eventually brought the VOIP to the limelight since these advanced devices eventually end up depending on the improved speed, reduced cost, and quality that the VOIP offers. And by 2003, the VOIP phone calls was increased to 25%. VoIP ever since then has drawn the attention of many businesses and establishments as it opens to them the opportunity to create dynamic and unified communications hubs. Individuals are not also left out in the embracement of this technology as they discovered that they could browse, play games, make calls, and watch videos on the internet without it affecting the quality of their internet connection which is unlikely to be found in the traditional reliance.

All these significant benefits it gives the masses are solely responsible for the rapid evolution of this technology since its inception in the year 1973. Originally, the voice-over-internet protocol was designed by Alan Cohen to help reduce the cost of call rates placed on long-distance calls and international calls. But as the years go by, several internet voicemail applications are being added to the VOIP to help the masses better. These additional internet voicemail applications consist of computer-to-telephone communication and phone-to-phone calling features for VOIP. The VoIP was said to have reached $74.5 billion globally as of the year 2015. The market for voice-over protocol technology is huge and increasing rapidly because it has proved to be more effective than copper circuit-switched networks.

In 2006, the first mobile VOIP APP was unleashed and it was first available in NOKIA phones before its incorporation into the Android, blackberries, and iPhones. With the mobile VOIP app, people could make free phone calls within its network, send a text to other networks and even make VOIP calls to the PSTN. Later on, it was released as a softphone as well. VoIP has become famous in government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses with the invention of the mobile VOIP App. In years to come, there are chances that the definition of VOIP is likely to keep changing, taking on a new entity because the ever-evolving nature of communications technology would be affecting it. A good proof is the more advanced offering the voice-over-internet protocol has offered than the initially simple solution it was designed for in the beginning. The rise in new technologies in the market will continue to affect the way VIOP is being used and employed because the technology itself bios increasingly more innovative and exciting,

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