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Story of Jim - Business Phone Systems

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Jim has a small business it only seems

to be growing

Jim cannot keep up with the orders

because he relies on the traditional

business loan he has a different phone

system in a different turret and if

there is an issue with the system he has

to spend a lot of time calling customer

service than working on his business so

Jim switched to our phone system now he

has a phone service it goes hand-in-hand

with the phone system which gives it

more time to grow his business thousands

of businesses like doctors Public

Accountants and schools use Keating's

Communications enhance security voice

services which are built on our very own

data centers and servers with our VoIP

service jim has the ability to implement

auto attendant add users view calling

records report calls mix way video

conferencing and transfer calls to his

other offices and even employees cell

phone like there at his office and

that's not all if Jim needs help with

the network servers Wi-Fi telephone

system security systems for cameras and

just about everything he does not call

10 different places like he used to

now he calls just one number and that's

too relaxing tomorrow hey and if your

business ever needs help with your

technical infrastructure pick up the

phone and call just one number to take

care of your entire business

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