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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Do you know that the voice over internet protocol is most suitable for small businesses? Don’t be surprised about this because the technology offers things that are beneficial for small scale businesses and business that are just being set up. This technology is just perfect for any business owner that falls in either of the two categories. Often referred to as the internet telephony, the VOIP is a technology that allows its users to make calls using the broadband internet rather than the use of the analog phone system? It is a widely used technology that converts sound into digital voice communication and then transfers it through internet broadband. Using the internet telephony in a simple term is using a network that is the internet to make and receive calls. As a small scale business owner, you should consider incorporating only tangible things that will help your business grow and met all its objectives. Your business is set to gain a lot of benefits when the VOIP is used as a medium of communication rather than the traditional phone system. Below are practical reasons every small scale business owner should engage the use of the VoIP in their business. • Reduce cost: VOIP helps you to cut down cost. This is because the voice over internet protocol is cheaper to install and maintained using the VOIP phone. The call rates are also relatively cheap including long distances phone calls when compared to the traditional landline. Many are not aware that traditional technology involves bulkier hardware and instruments that demand certain installation fee and charge. There is no need for any installation in a VOIP because this technology does not deal with any hardware or software • Portable for use: The voice over internet protocol unlike the traditional system is more portable for use. It can be used in any location provided there is an internet connection there to enable you to log into your VOIP phone. The location does not in any way determine the call rates or the quality of the system connection. The VOIP gives its user a sense of comfort and convenience in its operation since it can be accessed anywhere in the world and at any time. This advantage will make small scale business to grow rapidly over time because there will be no barrier to communication. • Flexible; This technology is so flexible that it can still detect signals emanating from any analog phone. Once it detects this signal, it will convert the call to digital data that can be routed on the internet. The degree of flexibility of the VOIP goes as far as permitting you to log in at any definite location as long as there is the internet connection and you’re having your VOIP number. As a small scale business owner, you can still make use of your traditional landline for your business as the VOIP would be able to convert them to the internet so as to allow you make calls on the internet. The flexibility of this technology goes as far as allowing you to switch numbers as often as you wish. • Other features: The voice over internet protocol can do another multi-functional task for your business. The VOIP phone supports a feature called the videoconferencing and as a small scale business owner, it will help you to be able to communicate with your employee and customers at a cheaper rate. You can discuss important things regarding your business and also attend business meetings without having to be physically present at the location. By so doing, you would be having more money and time in your business using this technology. You can be doing other things while on the VOIP video conferencing, an added advantage for your small business to grow. Aside from the video conferencing, the VOIP can allow instant messaging, teleconferencing, fax and voicemails to be done at a cheap rate. You can also achieve and forward messages on your email since the voice mails and fax would be sent to your email. Teleconferencing and video recording removes the need to be physically present at a place to discuss important things or attend an important meeting thus saving time and money.

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