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Rebuilding After Hurricane Ian

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Hurricane Ian was a massive, destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that made landfall on the Florida peninsula on September 10, 2016. It was the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, and it caused widespread damage to areas of Florida and South Carolina. Here are a few of the biggest hurricanes to hit the state since that date.

Ian has weakened to a tropical storm, but its powerful winds are still dangerous. It is expected to dump up to eight inches of rain over coastal areas and push a storm surge of five feet or 1.5 meters. It is also expected to cause flooding from South Carolina to Virginia. As a result, National Guard troops are being deployed to South Carolina and Virginia to help with water rescues. Despite the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, residents are beginning to return home.

Cleanup efforts for Hurricane Ian are expensive. Fortunately, the Hayden family was able to repair a portion of their home after the hurricane, but it is a long and difficult road. Not only is their home physically damaged, but the psychological toll of the hurricane is significant. Fortunately, the Hayden family has a strong support system, and their community has rallied behind them.

The federal government has sent 300 ambulances, medical teams, and supplies to the affected areas. More than 3.5 million gallons of water and three million meals are being trucked in from Georgia and South Carolina. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has preemptively declared a state of emergency. While the hurricane is still strong, it is expected to weaken to a tropical storm as it heads inland. In the southeast, the storm surge could reach 6 feet.

If your business has been impacted by Hurricane Ian in any way please feel free to reach out for any IT or Communications services assistance. We are currently donating 5G internet equipment, security cameras, VoIP Equipment, and our installation technicians to assist in rebuilding your dreams.

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