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Phone Systems For Business

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

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There are many different phone systems available for small businesses. Whether you're looking for a feature-packed system for your small business or a simple, straightforward one, you're sure to find it. You can even customize your plan. For example, you can create a separate plan for your employees with different tools and calling features.

Small businesses benefit most from having a phone system that is scalable and customizable. This means that you can set up call forwarding for different departments, as well as call recording and tracking. You can even add more lines and employees to your phone system if you need them. Virtual phone systems are flexible enough to accommodate larger teams than you might think.

Small businesses with fewer employees may want to choose a four-line phone system, which allows employees to communicate with each other but leaves a line for outside calls. However, larger businesses with more call volume may want six or more lines. Multi-line phone systems allow multiple lines to operate at the same time. The cost of such a system will depend on the number of lines, the type of hardware, and the business phone service plan.

Many modern phone systems incorporate voice over the Internet and other practical features. They require a broadband internet connection and a high-speed computer. The software combines voice, video, and messaging capabilities in a single package. Some VoIP systems work with traditional IP desk phones, but the vast majority of users are in call centers in Jax, Orlando, Fl., Miami, Fl. and Tampa, Fl. use a desk phone in combination with a headset or alone with a desktop application or mobile device.

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