PCI AND HIPAA in the workplace

When referring to PCI and Hipaa in the workplace many #businesses have limited information regarding their #duties. The most important duty of a #business is to make sure their customers data is #safe and free of prying eyes. From #credit cards to the #voicemails this information is all very important indeed. When conducting #consultations for #PCI and #Hipaa #compliance Keatings Communications focuses on cost #efficiency and the #audit results. By performing an in house self audit we bring all vulnerabilities to their ends with proven solutions. #installing a simple #locking #network #cabinet and #firewall will bring many businesses into compliance which could save not just the time of a #breach but the #cost and #damage to a #brand name as well.

Keatings Communications provides VOIP, IT and business technology services for schools and business. Our proven solutions have excelled in the industry since 2005 bringing top notch communications provisions to businesses across the nation. See for yourself why our IT support is your number one resource for business #technology.

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