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Keatings Communications Is Supplier of IT & Phone Systems

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Keatings Communications

Keatings Communications Is a Supplier of Wireless Communication Services

Keatings Communications is a supplier of Wireless Communication Services. Find Keatings Communications on IndustrySelect, a free business intelligence site. The service helps users find suppliers in their fields, move up the results list, and receive buyer inquiries. Sign up for free to get started and learn how to use the free tools.

Business telephone systems

Whether you need to upgrade your telephone system or just want to cut costs, Keatings Communications can help you. The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and services businesses and schools across the U.S. They offer competitive rates and enhanced security services for sensitive businesses. They can also handle paging, firewalls, PCs, printers, VoIP services, school bells, and other IT requests.

Business telephone service is a crucial part of any business. Keatings Communications can provide the service you need to make sure that you're running your business smoothly. We can handle repairs and installations for you, and we can help you choose the right phone plan to fit your needs. Keatings Communications can also help you choose the right equipment for your needs. The company can even install new phones if necessary in Jacksonville, Fl - Orlando, FL - Tampa, FL, and Miami, FL.

Keatings Communications offers business telephone services to businesses throughout SE Georgia and NE Florida. Our business telephone service is certified, and we offer IT support and VOIP phones for any type of business. Our VoIP systems allow you to reach your employees anywhere with a cell phone or other mobile device.


Using a paging system in your business is an excellent way to alert your employees of emergencies, phone calls, or visitors. It works best when it is integrated into the business phone system. A user simply picks up the phone, presses the Page key, and an announcement is heard throughout the building, or in a specific area.

Keatings Communications is a Florida-based company that offers a comprehensive range of communications and IT services for businesses of all sizes. The company offers business telephone systems, paging, VoIP services, and IT consulting and field support. The company also offers security cameras, network management, and Wi-Fi services.

Serving Military, Industrial, and Retail in Florida. We provide repairs, installations, and maintenance contracts for Dukane, Valcom, Algo, Multicast, and other leading manufacturers.

PCs, printers, firewalls

Keatings Communications, a Florida-based IT company, offers PCs, printers, and firewall services to schools and businesses nationwide. They provide enhanced security for sensitive business environments and offer competitive rates. Services range from paging and WAN and LAN management to PCs, printers, firewalls, and VoIP services. The company also offers technical support and manages school bells.

School bells

The Keatings Communications school bell system includes lockdown capabilities and VoIP phones, giving schools unprecedented safety, security, and savings. The system plays a customized ring at assigned times and is fully integrated with the campus lockdown alert system, enabling administrators to send prerecorded audio alerts in the event of a campus emergency.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and serves businesses and schools in the U.S. It offers affordable VOIP phone services and IT consulting to businesses. It also handles network management, servers, wi-fi, and security cameras. Keatings Communications offers a variety of services for schools, including school bells, paging, LAN/WAN/IP networks, security cameras, and VoIP services.

Network equipment

Keatings Communications is a Jacksonville-based company that offers a full range of network equipment. Its IT specialists take care of LAN and WAN, as well as telephones and security cameras. Additionally, they offer IT support and field maintenance services. Keatings handles IT requests for schools, hospitals, and other business entities, including firewalls, wi-fi, security cameras, and servers.

The company's products are capable of supporting a wide range of network applications, including VoIP. Low-voltage wiring is used for telephones and complex networks and requires special electrical expertise. Each installation is unique, depending on the type of building. Keatings is dedicated to offering Total Market Management services to businesses and consumers in a variety of industries.

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