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Jacksonville, Florida - Business, History, and Corporations

Updated: Jul 22, 2023


Jacksonville, Florida - Business, History, and Corporations

In the late 1960s, the Allman Brothers Band gathered in Jacksonville, Florida, and put on the first live show at the city's Armory. They quickly became one of the most influential groups in music history. The Allman Brothers Band is an iconic part of Jacksonville's culture, and the city is home to the legendary Allman Brothers Band Museum. The Allman Brothers Band is still going strong today, and their namesake tree is 250 years old and stands over 60 feet tall, with a 25-foot trunk. In fact, a peace treaty was fabricated under the tree's branches by a local artist, which saved the Treaty Oak.

Other local radio stations serve Jacksonville, including a variety of Christian and secular stations. WFLA-FM and 98.5 WRUF are the largest, and co-owned by iHeartMedia and Cox Radio. The dominant AM station in Jacksonville is WOKV 690AM, the flagship station of the Jacksonville Jaguars. In addition to the dominant AM station, two other radio stations carry a contemporary hits format. WAPE 95.1 FM has dominated the format for the past two decades and is now challenged by WKSL 97.9 FM and KISS FM.

There are several notable people from Jacksonville's diverse history. A. Philip Randolph grew up in Jacksonville, and in 1925, he founded the first African-American labor union in the United States. He was among the key organizers of the 1963 March on Washington. Other prominent people from Jacksonville include Merian C. Cooper, who was a film producer and director, and Merian C. Cooper, the founder of CSX Corporation. In addition, many of the historic buildings are located in the city.

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