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Intercom Systems

Updated: Jul 18

Installing an Intercom System

An intercom is a device that allows you to communicate with other people in a building. These devices are often provided in healthcare settings. They allow patients and visitors to contact an employee or another employee by pressing a call button on the door. Many intercoms can also dial multiple telephone numbers.

The person who answers the phone can then activate the intercom switch and open the door. Some intercoms can also allow you to text message them. Some even allow you to pre-program the numbers you want to communicate with and use existing infrastructure from legacy systems.

Installing an intercom requires wiring throughout a building. The receivers should be placed close to a power source so they will not run out of power. Installing an intercom system will cost more than buying the intercom because it requires breaking apart bricks. The cost of installation can add up quickly, especially when the intercom has additional parts. Make sure to find a certified installer and compare quotes. Our certified solutions provide perfect conversions from Dukane and other leading intercom systems with fully featured control systems.

An intercom system can be extremely useful in many situations. For example, it can let someone in if they have forgotten their keys, or if you want to let in a delivery person. For more security, it can also be used to latch a gate when you have a party. Some intercoms also allow you to use them as a security device.

See our latest case study done for our very own US Navy Squadrons based in Jacksonville, FL.

Designed by Certified Engineer: Brandon Keating

Intercom System

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