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Installing an Intercom System

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Intercom System

An intercom system, also known as an intercommunicator or interphone, is a device that allows people to communicate with each other within a small building. It functions independently of the public telephone network. This makes it a great option for homes, small businesses, and educational institutions. You can use an intercom system to let everyone in a building know what is going on and to share information.]

Installing an intercom system requires wiring throughout the entire building and connecting the base station located at the entrance of the property. You should connect the system to the internet using Cat 5/6 ethernet cable to make it more secure and reduce the risk of interference. It is also possible to program the system for multiple entrances, which can be beneficial if you have multiple properties.

Another option is to install a video intercom. This type of intercom allows tenants to verify the identity of visitors and prevents burglary and other crimes by providing date and time-stamped video images. These systems are commonly found in apartment complexes and allow tenants to grant access to visitors even when they are not at home.

When purchasing an intercom, you need to be aware that not all systems are created equally. Some systems are based on personal preferences, while others are suited for commercial environments. Some systems are wireless, while others are hard-wired. Make sure the model you choose has a power backup option. Wireless intercom systems also have the option of being expanded so that they can provide greater coverage and additional features.

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