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How to find the best phone system

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

How do I find the best phone system?

What company should I call ??? Should I save money on a national voip company?

Would a local VoIP company serve our interest better?

The answer is that it all depends. National companies will work great if you have internal IT that can assist with your day to day needs. If not you will want to locate a local VoIP provider that is certified in voice over IP and IT.

Choosing a certified provider can save time, money and headaches.

Beyond the decision of what brand phone you will need to decide which type of system you want to choose. Hosted Voice over IP is the trend and for good reason. The cost to upgrade costs nothing, the cost to use the devices costs the same every month. While you own the equipment the provider maintains the system leaving you to a safe sound operational system for the life of your agreements.

When you purchase a premise based system you assume all liability and responsibility for the operation of the system. This all done while doing normal day to day business and an IT specialist at least will be required.

Our engineers at Keatings Communication are all certified to work on the equipment we sell, service and install.

best phone system

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