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Future of VoIP in NFT Space

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

VoIP is necessary for most businesses in this world to function to their highest abilities. This is the case for many reasons but one important aspect is seamless communication. Sales, customer service, and administrative tasks all depend on open channels of communication with a customer. This brings us to the idea of the Metaverse and business VoIP. When a business has a presence in the Metaverse there will very well be a need for that seamless communication from user to user. Let's take a quick peek into the future of purchasing with NFT sets and installation of systems in the Metaverse. Once the business makes their phone system purchase their office will then have the ability to transfer calls, use an automated attendant, and even set up timed calling trees to direct callers to certain extensions or groups of extensions at specific times. This purchase would be made with NFT and installed through the code in their locations. This is all in theory however as we've not finished development on this idea however it's a great start to the future of the metaverse.

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