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Protect Globally With Fog Security Devices Fog Security Devices

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Among the various security devices available for homes, fog systems are the most effective. Unlike other security devices, fog is invisible and obstructive to burglars. Once a burglar is inside, they will turn around and run away. Because fog is not visible to an intruder, it makes burglary nearly impossible. A fog system requires minimal maintenance and can be vented to remove any remaining fog. Fog systems also do not require any electricity or batteries.

A recent HXA A081 evaluation of fog security devices concluded that fog is not a viable security option for all premises. Although the fog produced by security fog is non-harmful, some manufacturers advise against its use in certain premises, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Fog security devices are generally installed by intruder alarm companies, and the manufacturers must be NSI or SSAIB-approved to sell and install the devices. To ensure that your security fog system is approved, speak to your insurance broker.

When used in combination with other security measures, fog security devices can prevent aggravated robberies. The fog displaces an offender's visibility, allowing security staff to retreat to a safe location. The presence of fog also hinders the offender's ability to steal, making it more difficult to steal a valuable item. Fog security devices should not be used without staff vigilance and adequate training.

The fog can be activated in conjunction with an intruder alarm system, or independently. This signal will reach an alarm receiving center, which will notify keyholders and call the police. Fog security devices should only activate when two separate detection devices are activated. If your intruder alarm system already operates in dual detection mode, it is important to review your existing fire risk assessment and replace door locks, as needed. So, consider the advantages of fog security devices and decide for yourself whether they're right for you.

Fog security devices are one of the most advanced security methods available. Unlike other security technologies, fog is completely invisible and is effective in deterring thieves. In fact, some manufacturers have added DNA molecules to the fog, which attaches to the intruder's clothes. This way, the police can identify the offender and prevent further loss. However, this solution may not be as effective for all types of property.

Despite the numerous benefits of fog security devices, there are some significant risks involved. Fog security devices can set off false fire or intrusion alarms, and this could lead to unnecessary emergency response. Moreover, fog security devices can pose a risk to police officers and firefighters, and should only be used after an intruder has broken into the premises. Therefore, fog security devices should only be used in conjunction with other security measures, not stand-alone.

UFO security fog system is a good example of an innovative fog security system. It creates a dense fog within less than 5 seconds, forcing robbers to flee. Because of this unique feature, the UFO fog security system is a perfect anti-robbery solution. Its user-friendly design is compatible with any kind of architecture and is completely independent of an alarm system. The fog security device is highly portable and easy to install.

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