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Choosing the right network cabling for your business

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Choosing Network Cabling for Your Business

Choosing the right network cabling for your business is an important decision. The right type of cable can improve your network's performance and minimize downtime. It can also help you save money and cut down on maintenance.

Fiber optic network cables are a popular choice for companies looking to send high volumes of data. They are also used in high-bandwidth environments such as data centers, banks, and hospitals. When installing fiber cables, it's important to choose a cable with a sufficient length and diameter to ensure a strong signal. It's also a good idea to install cable protectors to prevent your cables from being exposed.

Coaxial cabling is another common type of network cable. It features a copper conductor that is insulated inside an insulating outer sheath. The insulating layer is usually made of PVC or Teflon. The outer sheath is braided to prevent outside interference.

Twisted pair cable is a common choice for local area networks. Twisted pair cables are made up of four pairs of thin wires. This type of cable is easy to install and prevents interference from other cables in the vicinity.

When choosing a cable for your business, think about your current needs and your long-term goals. You'll want your network cabling to perform at peak levels for at least 10 years.

If you're planning a new business setup, you may want to replace your existing Cat5e cable. This type of network cabling features four twisted pairs, which can improve your rated transfer speeds. It also features an optimized encoding scheme that reduces noise.

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