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Business Phone Service in Orlando & Jacksonville Florida

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Happy Fourth of July weekend !!! When your business is looking to upgrade its IT or Business Phone Service in Orlando or the Jacksonville Florida area you can call on Keatings Communications. Intercom systems, internet support, network equipment, security camera systems, but most importantly our VoIP phone systems which all the above integrate into. Nationwide support with local engineers in Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, and Los Angeles, California. Schools, businesses, military, industrial or medical we serve almost every business and sector. Full-service solutions Managed Services Provider with a value-added five-star white glove installation process for new or existing restaurants, businesses, and almost every office, warehouse, or other location requiring state-of-the-art technology. We provide full ten-year lifecycle reports to include wifi, telephones, network data, communications, inventory of tech, software, and network security solutions.

Managing your business does not have to be difficult or cause any disruptions in your internet.

Why use Keatings Communications business solutions?

As certified engineers, we take great care to make informed decisions based on accurate insights and data to optimize your business technology stacks. When operating a business your technology empowers your business to maintain growth and establish superiority amongst peers in the same industry.

We often see in-house IT using soho or small office home office equipment however this is not something you will see from certified engineers. Ruckus security measures on their wifi devices and SonicWall solutions are the basic measure of our solutions. State of the art technology for business to maintain superior quality in lifecycles of the solutions.

Medical offices, businesses, military and churches all benefit from Keatings Communications support services and have since 2004. Have a large campus with multiple buildings? We can install a network of fiber communications to share one main internet connection. Internet constantly dropping?

We have internet backup solutions available that automatically failover to a cellular connection to provide constant continuity.

Streamline your business with call handling queues. For example, we work with a local pizza company that uses a queue during their busiest of times. This allows attendants to handle in-store customers while inbound callers are allowed to wait and hear soothing hold music or even an advertisement recording which can be changed upon request.

What are managed services?

Managed Services Providers or MSPs are trusted certified engineering firms which provide technical management for business communications as well as technologies. The businesses often manage IT for small businesses, the military, schools, churches, and other businesses or industries. When your IT department supports your business IT these MSP agents can take a lot off of their plates. Managed Business Phone Service in Orlando systems alone provide a large scale of support to businesses and also compartmentalize important key systems from employees which gives other advantages from a business management perspective.

Business Phones in Orlando

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