Business Telephones and IT

Finding a reliable telephone service for your business or institution doesn’t have to be difficult. Keatings Communications offers the latest in IT services and VOIP solutions, connecting your offices, institution or entire campus.

We utilize the latest in military grade technology to bring you the securest and most efficient business phone system. Our 24/7 IT services gives you confidence that your phone system will be running smoothly and efficiently.

Keatings Communications also provides an emergency lockdown system that communicates across your entire campus. Schools can utilize our business phone services to reduce their internal phone costs, and even incorporate their bell system into our VOIP system. Whether by phone, paging system or other emergency audio devices, your personnel can be notified of any campus wide lockdowns.

Trust Keatings Communications for all your VOIP and IT services! Call us at 844-409-1054 or visit to get a free quote today!

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