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Business telephone systems and VoIP by Keatings Communications

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Keatings Communications Provide Comprehensive Monthly Communication Services at Only $30 Per Month

Keatings Communications has been serving the NE Florida and SE Georgia IT Industry since 2006. The company provides VoIP solutions to businesses, as well as IT consulting, business telephone systems, IT engineering services, and technology-related services.

For Immediate Release: Keatings Communications, the NE Florida and SE Georgia communication solutions provider offers comprehensive monthly business telephone and other communication services at only $30 per month per user.

Having been a key player in the local IT industry since 2006, Keatings Communications provides HD-enhanced security voice services which are utilized by a range of clients from varying industries, including doctors, Certified Public Accountants, and schools among others. The company is known to offer competitive and state-of-the-art advanced data centers and servers.

According to the spokesperson of Keatings Communications, “Our services come fully featured with all the features of a business phone system.” He further adds, “Our school bell system integrates with any paging system and VoIP phone system. This allows alarms, bells, and warning systems to play over the phones giving an added amount of sources for the audio to get to those it needs to.”

More importantly, the company offers a full spectrum of hosted VoIP features, which include everything from call forwarding and call transfer to on-line administration and voicemail to email among many others. The spokesperson further says, “Our systems included telephone systems, paging systems, camera systems, and our award winning enterprise class voice over IP.”

Needless to say, Keatings Communications is a top rated VoIP and business telephone services provider and as such, all Georgia and Florida based businesses and clients are recommended to give the company a try. For more information about the company’s products or to get a quote as per specific requirements, head over to

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