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Business Telephone Services & why your school should be migrating to VoIP

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

#Business #Telephone #Services and why your #school should be migrating to #VoIP

A businesses telephone system is one of the most important communication systems for schools. Constant lines of communication are needed in schools. The absence of reliable and secure telephony results in a breach in communication with student's homes or failure to implement efficient safety plans.

IT professionals and school authorities are constantly looking for ways to unlock secure and reliable communications tools that will fit into budgetary projections. Migrating to VoIP enables schools to centralize communications and to achieve better safety plans and flexibility at a transparent and affordable monthly price.

Schools are therefore advised to acquire business telephone systems, as the benefits of a business telephone system are myriad. Here are some of the numerous reasons your schools should migrate to VoIP:

Reduced #Cost

Internal calls can be very expensive; however ineffective communication systems can also be extremely detrimental in schools. Getting rid of your old #telephony lines and opting for phone systems with an internet connection cuts down on costs. #VoIP phone systems negate the need to pay for internal calls. Also, VoIP systems provide features that were previously only accessible to expensive PBX hardware users.

#Bell System Inclusive

Migrating to a VoIP phone system eliminates the need for school bells. This system provides a sophisticated phone system that features the bells and whistles required by schools. These systems are easy to set up and configure, and are much cheaper than conventional landline systems. It enables schools to incorporate a bell system within their VoIP phone systems. Emergency notification systems can also be enhanced alongside the bell systems. Schools can therefore target the time and location of certain notifications to be broadcasted, thereby reducing issues during an emergency.

Improved #Teacher-#Parent Communication

With access to business telephone systems in schools, the teacher-parent relationship will be fostered. The involvement of parents in their children’s education could help to achieve better student performance.


VoIP telephony offers more reliability advantages compared to traditional telephone systems. Unlike copper-based old phone systems, VoIP is not susceptible to bad weather, vandals, or interference. Instead of the copper wires that landlines employ, VoIP phone systems share data and voice networks.

Smart Features

In addition, schools can benefit from additional safety features. Some VoIP systems can enable campus-wide 911 alerts and help guide emergency personnel to school campuses in cases of emergency.


Your organization needs to drastically scale phone lines up and down to accommodate seasonal and year-to-year fluctuations in your staffing. If you expand your classrooms with portables or expansions, you also need the ability to quickly provide a phone in each classroom.

With cloud-based VoIP, district or on-campus IT administrators can quickly add a phone line and connect classroom service by simply plugging in a handset.


In many schools, teachers or lecturers (for a university setting) split their time between multiple classrooms, offices, or even schools in some cases. VoIP can help to centralize these various locations. Mentor programs can also be held in schools via messaging, video conferencing, and audio conference calls.

This mobile advantage of VoIP can also help in improving emergency planning by enabling staff to quickly reach the right personnel when needed.

Great #Audio Quality

Whether in schools, call centers, or in any other business organization, great audio quality is vital for efficient communication. Though VoIP systems use up more bandwidth compared to conventional telephone systems, they deliver better audio quality, referred to as HD telephony. VoIP produces #HD clearer and with crisper sound quality.

Easy To #Upgrade

Business telephone systems can be incorporated and the same system hosted in the cloud to receive upgrades. This eliminates worrying about upgrading telephony systems and also the need to pay anyone to upgrade your telephone system.

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