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Best Telephone System For Restaurants

Updated: Jul 25, 2023


What is the best phone system for restaurants? If you are a small diner of a multi-site franchise, the best type of restaurant phone system depends on the features you need. The most important feature is that the customer can make a reservation instantly or contact the front of the house. The first phone call is the first point of contact. Therefore, if customers receive an engagement tone, a missed call, or a hostile reception, there is a good chance that this negative image will remain long before the customer enters the actual restaurant. Types of restaurant phone systems VoIP for restaurants

This is the most popular type of system because of its flexibility and accessibility and it can include voice and data. The internet is used instead of relying on conventional phones. In most cases, this type offers lower initial call costs than traditional systems. Some calls are free anyway. You can deal with domestic and professional customers. The problem is that connectivity can be poor inside the dining room if your broadband connection is not enough. You can ask the supplier to install it for you or yourself. KSU for restaurants

KSU means key service unit. This type must be installed by experts because of the need for a centralized unit that is usually stored in a utility closet. The phones connect to this device. You also need a phone program and some special equipment. If your restaurant needs 10 to 50 mobile phone lines and you need to control them by changing the extensions of your location, this option is the right one. PBX for Restaurant

A private agency exchange is recommended for large restaurants. It can also be used if you have scattered equipment that needs to be linked to each other. This deals with phone traces collectively. This must also be installed by an expert. You can buy a single PBX unit to manage multiple sites. Things to consider Before choosing a phone system, you should think about these different things. Type of restaurant Are you an informal, family, formal or delivery service? If this is a formal restaurant requiring reservations, consider several phone lines to answer all those calls. If you have or have a delivery service, you must have at least 4 phones. Experts recommend having at least 4 lines for any type of catering establishment. A line must be dedicated to the credit card or fax transactions. How many calls do you get during the busiest days? Your phone lines should be able to handle the busiest time of the week. Base your preference on this number. You want to avoid busy signals that day. Future growth Do you see an expansion in a few years? So, find a system that can be extended. It is not advisable to buy a system that is incompatible with the necessary updates and features. Accessories Several accessories like POS system, headphones, and message on-hold machines are needed. Some features that you can integrate are the auto attendant, marketing messages, call sequencers, and so on. Guarantee In addition to being durable, the system you choose must have a good warranty. In general, the warranty lasts 2 years. Protection Being in the restaurant business is getting your hands dirty. Literally, protecting your phone from fat, flour and other ingredients. The phone must have protections against grease on the face and the keyboard. Training Consider the age of your employees. If you have older employees (mature), it would be wise to have an easy-to-use phone. It is also a good option if you do not have regular employees at your service. You can avoid wasting time and money by training them. If you need training, ask your supplier if he provides it for free or if he charges a small fee. Repairs and maintenance Before you buy, you must also specify who will be responsible for repairs and maintenance. You will have to pay a fee or these are already included in the contract. Repairs can be expensive, so eliminate it at the beginning of the contract. Budget and price

Of course, you should consider your budget. Check your cash flow, consult your accountant (if necessary) and immediately inform the supplier of your price range so that you are not pushed into a sophisticated system that you cannot use completely. In conclusion To choose a telephone system, ensure you make plans for future needs and larger scope. Ensure your telephone system is growing the same way your business is growing.

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