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Keatings Communications Offers School Bell System with Lockdown for Schools via IP

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Keatings Communications Offers School Bell System with Lockdown for Schools via IP

Jacksonville, FLA – Keatings Communications is pleased to announce that with the latest in technological advances it can now offer schools a school bell system with lockdown capabilities through VoIP phones. According to company founder Brandon Keating, the installation of this system not only provides unprecedented safety, security and reliability for staff and students, but also phenomenal savings. “We’re fully aware that most schools are operating within a tight budget,” says Keatings. “By upgrading to a Keatings Communications system, you’d be saving literally thousands of dollars. Getting rid of your old telephone lines and opting for an IP based phone system really cuts down on costs of maintenance, service and system hardware.” Keatings’ newest technology uses VoIP phones to play a custom ring at assigned times throughout an entire campus, and without any missing areas, as long as the company’s phones have been installed.

The system works in tandem with Keatings’ campus lockdown alert system which allows anyone to use the command console and send a prerecorded audio alert in the case of an emergency. Other than the cost-cutting benefits, Keatings Communications systems have a number of advantages: A centralized communication system can result in far more effective safety plans The need for regular school bells is eliminated with the incorporation of a sophisticated bell system within the VoIP phone system Emergency notification systems can be enhanced, and campus-wide 911 alerts issued The use of VoIP means that the system will no longer be susceptible to bad weather, vandals, or interference The system is highly flexible; easily adjusted or upgraded according to the needs of the school. This system has been successfully implemented at St. Johns Country Day School since the spring of 2016, with not one issue reported. “Safety is our number one concern for our customers and our solutions make the case,” Keating concludes.

About the Company: Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Keatings Communications has locations throughout Florida and serves schools and businesses across the country. The company provides business telephone services with enhanced security service for CPAs, banks, the military and sensitive businesses, at highly competitive rates. Keatings Communications also now accepts Bitcoin, Bytecoin and other cryptocurrency as payment. For more information, visit the website at BRANDON KEATING FLORIDA, JACKSONVILLE (904) 465-9935

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